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One of the important tasks facing the healthcare system is timely diagnosis and transition to treatment. 

The laboratory diagnostics projects, initiated by Aston Clinical are aimed at increasing the number of patients who can receive necessary treatment at an early stage.

Projects related to lab diagnostics are implemented based on the Quinta platform (Quinta Lab), which is an integrated on-line resource for maintaining, storing and processing diagnostic data of patients.

Currently, Aston Clinical interacts with several lab networks across the country, all of which comply with the best international standards in the field and offer services in multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, hematology, rare genetic conditions and many other.

Using Quinta Lab, Aston Clinical provides assistance to healthcare market players with regard to organization and conduct of clinical trials as well as various research in the area of pharmaceuticals:

  • data collection to prepare and submit drug registration dossier
  • data collection for pharmacovigilance (screening and monitoring of patients in the post-registration period)
  • drug safety reporting

Our Lab Diagnostics Division using an innovative Quinta Lab platform contributes to early diagnosis of numerous diseases and detection of abnormalities at a molecular level, which makes possible effective personalized therapy and helps improve the quality of life of patients.


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