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Strategical planning

Strategic planning, i.e. the process, which defines the company’s strategy and sets priorities, is an important management activity to ensure sustainable growth.

Aston Group has wide experience in developing and providing unique strategic solutions to help industry players strengthen their market positions.


Our Strategic Consulting Department offers the following services:


  • Market Access strategies at both federal and regional level
  • Brand marketing strategy • Assessment and development of corporate portfolio
  • Putting together registration dossier The resources available to us include: Primary data accumulated by Aston using proprietary technology platforms
  • Monitoring of regulatory and other changes in health care: PharmCompass Russia and PharmCompass Regions 
  • Proprietary online solution - Quinta - to maintain clinical monitoring projects, including patient registries, clinical and epidemiological studies, screening and early diagnosis and patient support programs Primary market research
  • Marketing studies for the healthcare industry that draw on data from Aston’s own patient registries and databases on practitioners, health care administrators, patients, distributors, pharmacy chains, etc. Analytical tools and pharmacoeconomic analysis
  • Assessment of the regional potential using the cross-analysis of sales in the reimbursement segment (information from public procurement tenders) and benchmarking with prescription data derived from Clinical Patient Registries Aston 360



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