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Patient support programs

The patient support program (PSP) is a series of activities and services to support patients with a particular disease


There are various types of PSPs for patients with different conditions but all of them are aimed at achieving three important goals:

  • improve care delivery to patients and aid in patient compliance to therapy
  • positively affect the quality of life of patients
  • enhance pharmacovigilance by monitoring and controlling the risks of adverse events

Patient support program implies involvement of different healthcare market stakeholders and provides each of them with significant opportunities


Pharma gets extra marketing and reputational resources to:

  • differentiate their product from competition
  • increase brand loyalty
  • boost prescription
  • enhance relations with a wide spectrum of market participants (KOLs, stakeholders, patient   organizations, etc.)
  • project the image of SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE company

Patients benefit from:

  • better treatment satisfaction
  • improved awareness of treatment choices and disease management
  • improved compliance and self-control behaviors  


Medical community (physicians and other healthcare professionals) will have more opportunities to:

  • improve quality of health services, achieve better treatment compliance and help patients hit their therapy targets  
  • lower the rate of adverse treatment outcomes
  • reduce the time spent on patient interaction (consultations, patient education)
  • decrease the number of repeat hospitalizations
  • reduce patient mortality

The choice of patient support services is contingent on the specific targets of therapy.



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