Juvenile Arthritis

National Registry of Children with Juvenile Arthritis

The Union of Pediatricians of Russia together with non-profit partnership for healthcare programs development and implementation “The Healthy Future” initiated a project to develop and maintain the National Registry of Children with Juvenile Arthritis.

Today, the Registry is a unified system to aggregate and store standardized data on patients with JA aged above 17 years. It covers more than three thousand patients treated in 83 regions of Russia and contains clinical data on multiple manifestations of JA and the treatment modalities applied.


The Registry data can be used to:

  • estimate the epidemiology of JA epidemiology and the use of drug therapies in the outpatient and inpatient settings
  • improve clinical strategies for diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases
  • streamline the delivery of specialized care and provision of drugs to patients with JA


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Project samples
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