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An extensive research has been conducted in endocrinology with main focus on diabetes mellitus (type I and II), central diabetes insipidus, hypothalamic-pituitary tumours, as well as some other conditions (hypogonadism, osteoporosis and endometriosis).

Around fifty studies have been undertaken so far. One of the best examples of our achievements in this area was a Study of Diabetes Mellitus Type II Prevalence in Russia (NATION), which covered sixty regions. The goal of the study was to evaluate the actual T2DM rates across the territories under study. The obtained data when extrapolated to Russia as a whole would provide an accurate estimate of the disease prevalence in the country.

In 2011, Aston Group became a technical operator in charge of maintaining the National Registry of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus. This database contains relevant patient data that can be used for assessment of key epidemiological indicators nationwide.

The project is supervised by the Endocrinology Research Centre of the Ministry of Health of Russia headed by I. Dedov.

In February 2015, Aston launched a web-portal - www.diaregistry.ru, as a communication platform for endocrinologists. This web resource was designed to inform about the latest news and emerging trends in endocrinology, the upcoming events, and relevant insights from pharma companies.

Now, Aston Group runs the following Clinical Patient Registries:


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