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Laboratory diagnostics programs

The crucial challenge as far as any healthcare system is concerned is establishing timely diagnosis and providing access to appropriate treatment.

The Laboratory Diagnostics Programs designed by Aston Health provide patient-specific screening modalities, diagnosis verification and efficient treatment monitoring for an optimal outcome.

Aston Health focuses on diagnostic and screening programs in oncology, onco-hematology, infectious diseases and rare genetic diseases, as well as other therapeutic areas. We partner with a network of laboratory centers across the country to come up with clinical data meeting best international standards.

Our proprietary databases contain information on:

  • 85 000 HCPs
  • 200 000 tests
  • 100 000 patients

The resources available to Aston Health make possible implementing large-scale diagnostic programs throughout Russia and EAEU countries.

The Laboratory Diagnostics Programs based on Quinta Lab® solution are an efficient tool used for patient screening, clinical trials, and assessment/monitoring of treatment response to strengthen pharmacovigilance system.

The integrated services we provide include:

  • Dedicated Aston Health manager to supervise the project at every stage
  • Informing regional HCPs about new lab testing opportunities; training in collection and processing of biosamples
  • Selection and contracting of laboratories; quality assurance; training of lab personnel; process standardization across labs
  • Optimizing costs through streamlined delivery of reagents, equipment and consumables
  • Courier delivery of biosamples to laboratories; assuring proper maintenance of storage temperature (from -70°C to + 8°C)
  • Storage of biosamples at the centralized biobank
  • Aggregation and storage of data on HCPs, patients, test findings and treatments using Quinta Lab® platform; differentiated access privileges and credentials for participating labs, HCPs and courier service
  • Arranging online consultations for patients who seek a second opinion
  • Call center to deliver information support to program participants
  • Development of information resources
  • Putting together analytical reports and presentations for medical community and sponsors


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