PharmСompass Regions

PHARMCOMPASS Russian Regions - analytical report presenting key statistics and trends in healthcare in 85 regions of Russia.

PHARMCOMPASS Russian Regions offers:

  • Overview of the Territorial Government Guarantees Programs (costs, funding by source and type of care, per capita funding rates).
  • Regional EDLs and other lists of free and discounted drugs; eligible patient groups and conditions (Government Resolution # 890 + orphan diseases).
  • Regional healthcare expenditure (absolute value and budget share).
  • Scope and sources of pharmaceutical funding; current drug reimbursement programs adopted in the region.
  • Data from regional rate agreements under OMS: DRG-based costs of completed treatment cases for hospital and day care settings, by clinic.
  • Brief overview of the regional programs «Development of Healthcare».
  • Relevant socio-demographic and epidemiological characteristics, by region.

WEB access to PHARMCOMPASS Russian Regions to accelerate your decision-making process.
WEB access via POWER BI – the cloud-based service powered by Microsoft.

POWER BI provides extended capabilities for:

  • Storage of structured and unstructured big data;
  • Connectivity of internal and external data;
  • Data quality check;
  • Sophisticated data visualization;
  • Role-based access control based on customer requirements and needs.

POWER BI offers the following features:

  • Easy access to your data (via any web browser);
  • Data drilling: from federal level down to okrugs and regions;
  • Tracking yearly changes in each indicator and comparing estimated and real-life performance;
  • Establishing data correlations on various levels: actual TGGP funding vs. per capita funding rates, percent of insured population and regional budget spending on healthcare, etc.;
  • Measuring performance against competitors based on the number of INNs included in the regional EDLs;
  • Data export to MS Excel for further analysis.



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