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Epidemiological studies

Epidemiological studies provide the basis for more efficient diagnostic and treatment decisions, planning of drug supply and pharmacoeconomic evaluation.


They offer important statistics on:


  • actual prevalence of the particular disease
  • patterns of disease distribution across the country
  • socio-demographic and ethnic factors affecting distribution
  • disease etiology (causation)
  • risk factors, pathogens and trigger factors
  • impact and outcomes of medical interventions (diagnostic tests, medical technologies, use of preventive care, etc.).


Aston Clinical is in charge of organizing and performing epidemiological studies of various scope and scale. They range from projects involving large population cohorts (cancer, diabetes, etc.) to small scale research when the number of patients with a particular disease or condition is no more than a few hundred people across the country (orphan diseases).


This is achieved by having adequate resources in place: proprietary technology platform, field network, own analytical division, expertise in key therapeutic areas, as well as many years of collaboration with leading laboratories and logistics providers in Russia and the CIS countries.


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