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Infectious diseases

The company has significant experience in researching infectious diseases treatment and prevention.

Among the nosologies that were examined in the past were HIV, Hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis and nosocomial infections. As of this moment, Aston Group is implementing a large-scale project titled the Registry of HIV-Infected Pregnant Women and their Children.

This project is supported by the Republican Clinical Hospital under the Ministry of Health. The Registry has accumulated data on socio-demographics and birth statistics among HIV-positive women, as well as data on applied treatment regimens.

Aston Group has successfully completed a project Evaluation of Risk Factors for CVD in HIV Patients that involved laboratory diagnostics for patients and training workshops for practicing clinicians.

The main practical results of the study included publishing a number of scientific articles, holding an educational workshop for clinicians and developing clinical guidelines for assessing the risks of cardiovascular diseases in HIV-positive patients.


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