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Report PharmСompass Russia

PharmСompass Russia Assessment of existing trends, changes and evolution of government policy on health care, including:


  • Legal and regulatory framework (enacted legislation and draft laws)
  • Changes on health care regulations and funding
  • Current model of drug supply and reimbursement.


New additions to PHARMCOMPASS Russia 2015:


  • Amendments to the federal lists of essential drugs + analysis of 2014 updates (EDL, ONLS, 7N)
  • Changes introduced in the financing high-tech medical services (effective since January 1, 2015)
  • Updated information on funding allocations for health care from various sources up to 2020, including costs per unit of care stipulated in the GGP for 2015
  • Analysis of the draft Strategy for Development of Health Care in Russia for 2015-2030
  • Other developments and trends in the Russian health care that had been emerging during the second half of 2014.



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