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1998 – Aston Consulting was founded. A small group of likeminded people announced establishment of a new market research company to provide services for pharmaceutical industry.
2000PharMon database was launched. The database is the source of valuable statistical data on hospital drug procurement in Russia. The company focused its research efforts on the hospital sector.
2002 – The Marketing Studies Department was established.
2009 – Development of the first clinical patient registry (National Registry of Pregnant Women with HIV and Their Children). Development of proprietary software to manage patient registries – Quinta platform built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
2010 PharmCompass project was started. It was designed to provide updated reports on the state of health care system in Russia.
2011Hospital Census - the first comprehensive database of inpatient facilities in the country.
2012The Patient Registries Department was established (in charge of clinical and epidemiological studies).
2013The Strategic Consulting Department was created.
2014 – The company was renamed and re-organized.
Today, Aston Group is comprised of four Divisions:
  • Aston Consulting – marketing solutions for pharma at every phase of product life cycle
  • Aston Clinical – management of patient registries, clinical and epidemiological studies and lab diagnostics projects
  • Aston Analytics – databases and BI solutions for pharma
  • Aston Technologies – IT solutions for healthcare industry
Aston Group’s unique expertise contributes to effective communication between the key stakeholders of health market, including manufacturers, distributors, patients, medical community and government authorities.
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