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Oncology and onco-gematology

More than 50 implemented projects in oncology and onco-hematology make Aston Group a reliable expert in this field.

Our extensive expertise and competence are highly appreciated by market stakeholders including KOLs, clinicians and healthcare administrators.

Aston Group has been maintaining six clinical patient registries, which are online databases used for clinical patient monitoring and handling of a variety of other tasks.

The registries can also generate reports for pharmacoeconomic analysis purposes.

Another area of focus for us is development of On-line Expert Systems for health practitioners. They are available in different languages. An example of such System is Clinical Recommendations of the Russian Breast Cancer Society pertaining to metastatic breast cancer and adjuvant and neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer.

The breast cancer specialists may access these recommendations from any part of the world and find valuable advice on treatment regimens for a presented clinical case.

The Expert System automatically offers preferred and acceptable treatment options for chemo-, endocrine and target treatments, including detailed dosing schedule.


Our projects in oncology and onco-hematology involve over 350 hospitals and 15 laboratories from across Russia. While implementing its research activities, Aston Group collaborates with KOLs and the leading healthcare institutions of Russia, including:

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