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Marketing and sales

It is impossible to attain a long-term business success without having proper access to regulatory framework, market intelligence and insights from the key stakeholders of the pharmaceutical market (practitioners, healthcare administrators, distributors, patient communities, etc.).

Aston Group, being a prominent player of the Russian healthcare market for the last 16 years, provides effective solutions to a broad range of challenges facing marketing and sales teams throughout the product life cycle.

Market intelligence. Integrating proprietary data with information from open public sources and utilizing up-to-date technology platforms, we are able to offer customers analytical tools for:

  • primary market research using data from our Clinical Patient Registries and own databases on patients, health providers, distributors, pharmacy chains etc.
  • mystery shopping studies (ссылка) to gauge customer satisfaction in any town/city of Russia with population over 50 thousand people.This includes evaluation of performance of pharmacy chains and medical representatives and control over merchandising activities and promotion campaigns.

Customer management. Aston Group has broad experience in developing solutions for drug and medical device manufacturers to increase customer loyalty. These include:


  • developing and implementing training programs for health providers
  • assisting the leading national health institutions in arranging advanced medical training
  • developing and maintaining patient support programs 


Communication tools to enhance brand equity. The challenges of contemporary business environment call for the use of novel digital technologies. We provide our customers with effective offline and online communication tools:

  • dedicated hotline service using capabilities of the corporate Call Center to improve patient-physician communication
  • educational websites and web-portals for practitioners (ссылка), including those that support Clinical Patient Registries (ссылка на diaregistry.ru)
  • websites for patients (ссылка)
  • mobile apps (ссылка)
  • communication tools embracing social media Aston Group's competitive advantage in the marketing domain lies in application of the holistic approach to increasingly multichannel business environment.


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