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Aston Intelligence is a unified analytical system to support decision-making based on in-depth data analysis.


Aston Intelligence integrates data from several proprietary platforms:

  • PharmCompass
  • Hospital Census
  • Pnarmon Tenders
  • Pnarmon Import


…with official statistics and data provided by customers:

  • Market audits
  • Manufacturer-to-distributor shipments
  • Distributor reports
  • Reports on sales team performance


Aston Intelligence offers the following opportunities:

  • Storage and structuring of big data
  • Visual presentation of data for customized reports
  • Data validation
  • Connection to local and cloud data sources
  • Online access (incl. apps for mobile devices on Windows, iOS or Android)
  • Data updates


Aston Intelligence makes possible to:

  • Assess portfolio strategy
  • Determine the points of growth in sales
  • Fine-tune KPIs
  • Target specific regions/ medical facilities / audiences


Aston Intelligence is a tool to integrate and interpret big data, construct simulation models and monitor decision outcomes.


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