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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping – business seen through the eyes of your customers

In the modern competitive environment, the success of retail business depends on customer satisfaction and the desire to make a repeat purchase.

The most effective tool for assessing the quality of customer service is a Mystery Shopping technique. MS helps to identify the customers’ perception of your business, i.e. to evaluate the quality of services provided to customers and professional skills of your staff.


The following indicators are important when assessing the quality of service provision in pharmacies:

  • pharmacist’s recommendations
  • product range
    • shelf presence
    • range of available pharmaceutical forms
    • product display and layout
  • presence of competitor brands
  • promotional campaigns
  • segmentation of pharmacy chains based on the audit findings
    • number of cash registers
    • type of product layout
    • presence of shop assistants, etc.

In 2005, Aston Consulting was made an exclusive representative of International Service Check (ISC), the leader of mystery shopping research in Russia and CIS countries. Currently, Aston Health conducts over 5,000 service checks per month.



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